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In the center of Istanbul, we offer health services to patients coming from the city, from abroad and from abroad with the institutions we have contracted with in central locations. Cevizcan Tourism stands out with the services it provides in many departments in the field of health tourism.

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International and Domestic Organizations

When it comes to foreign organizations, there are certain types of organizations for your employees or target audience. Our job is to respond clearly to your demands and offer you the venue and environment that fits your purpose and budget. We manage all the details until the realization of the project, and we produce creative ideas that will make your staff or customers happy. If you want your international organizations to be affordable, unique and unforgettable, in line with the message you want to convey to your target audience, you are in the right place.

Wedding & Invitation Organization

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We are happy to create special mobility solutions for you and offer a car rental service that is designed to best suit your needs.

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