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Why Turkey?

Turkey has a unique location connecting the continents of Europe and Asia. Millions of people prefer Turkey as tourists every year.

Turkey has become a leading country in the medical world with its internationally specialized physicians and modern hospitals equipped with the latest technology. It ranks 2nd in the world with more than 50 hospitals accredited by JCI. In addition, from the moment you arrive in the country, you will receive all kinds of services you may need in our modern hospitals with expert physician staff, with the assurance of Cevizcan Tourism.

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Our Contracted Hospitals and Clinics

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Branches in Our Contracted Hospitals

Oral and dental health, Brain and Nerve Surgery, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation etc. Check out our branches.

Our Contracted Hospitals and Clinics

Branches in Our Contracted Hospitals

Mouth and dental health

While filling, first the decayed tooth tissue is removed and the area affected by caries is cleaned. Then, this cleaned space is filled with filling material.

Brain and Nerve Surgery

Brain and neurosurgery is a surgical specialty that treats nervous system disorders. Brain and neurosurgery is one of the fields that require the most experience in medicine.


The main thing in modern medicine is to keep the person healthy by taking precautions before diseases occur. Because some diseases can cause irreversible results.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical therapy and rehabilitation is a non-surgical branch of medicine that provides treatment with exercises and some physical tools in the treatment of various diseases.


The most common symptom is heartburn. Another common symptom is food coming from the stomach to the mouth. Sometimes these complaints may occur at night and may wake the patient from sleep.

General Surgery

General surgery is the science that provides the treatment of systemic and regional problems in the body with surgical methods. It works in collaboration with many different disciplines.

Chest Diseases and Surgery

Asthma, contraction of the bronchi forming the respiratory tract for various reasons, swelling of the bronchial membrane or sticky fluids such as sputum…

Eye Health and Diseases

Myopia, defined as farsightedness, is the result of focusing the rays coming into the eye in front of the retina. It is a structural feature and genetic transmission is frequent.

General Surgery

General surgery is the science that provides the treatment of systemic and regional problems in the body with surgical methods. It works in collaboration with many different disciplines.

Gynecology and Health

Ovarian cysts are benign formations that develop from ovarian tissue, are relatively common especially in women of reproductive age, and are mostly benign.


Arrhythmia means disruption in the rhythmic work of the heart. In arrhythmia, the heartbeat speeds up enough that the person can feel it comfortably. Also, heart rhythms may be irregular but slow.


It is the branch of medicine concerned with diseases in the ear, nose and throat regions. Hearing loss, Acute and chronic ear infections, Acute and chronic ear infections, etc.

Bone Marrow

Daha çok kanser hastalarında uygulanmakla birlikte kemik iliği yetmezliği yapan hastalıklarda da yapılmaktadır.


Cardiovascular surgery is a branch of science that deals with the surgical treatment of heart and cardiovascular health problems.


All diseases affecting the body nerves, especially the brain, are in the field of neurology. The diseases that are in the field of interest of the neurology department are listed below.

Obesity Surgery

Obesity, or as it is known among the people, is a disease that occurs as a result of excessive fat accumulation in the body and must be treated.


Cancer is one of the most important diseases of our age, which is caused by the uncontrolled proliferation of cells in an organ or tissue by showing a change outside of their normal characteristics.

Organ Narration

Organ transplantation, which is a method to increase the quality of life in organ failures, is performed from living donors or cadavers.


The knee is the joint we have the most problems with. The reasons for this are that it is exposed to more loads than other joints, our body is the longest…

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

It is possible to divide this surgical branch into two as “Plastic and Reconstructive” Surgery and “Aesthetic” Surgery.

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation is the process of transferring the hair follicles taken from the coded area between the two ears on the nape of the neck with appropriate techniques to the area where shedding occurs.


In vitro fertilization, which is one of the assisted reproductive methods in modern medicine, is the fertilization of male and female reproductive cells in extracorporeal conditions and the embryo obtained.


Urology is a surgical medical science that deals with the urinary tracts of men and women and the male reproductive organs and deals with the diseases of these systems.